"हर घर शिक्षा दीप जलाए, बाल विवाह बंद कराएं" | "हम युवको का नारा है निरक्षर को साक्षर बनाना है" | "हम बच्चो का नारा है शिक्षा का अधिकार हमारा है" | "वृक्षों की जब करोगे रक्षा, तभी बनेगा जीवन अच्छा" | "स्वच्छता से स्वास्थय बने, स्वास्थ्य से जीवन बनें"

We are working on this project scince our startup of our NGO. This program is organised for prevention of child marriege. It also preventthe dowry system. It is promoted by our honarable Chief Minister of Bihar (Sri Nitish Kumar). We have taken oath for prevent child marraige and dowry system and promote chief minister (Sri Nitish Kumar).

Jan Lok Swasthya Suraksha Yojna is a project where we target rural area and promote our project with the help of nukkar sabha and give knowlwdge about latest desease and prevent villagers to lates desease.

Go Green project has launched by our honorable prime Minister (Sri Nareendra Modi) and we promote this project in Bihar. We have donated more than 1000 tree in multiple schools in bihar. we always awre for go green project.

Samridh Bal Vikas Yojna is designed for poor and rural area students who is not able to get higher as well as good education acording to their family circumstances. we are going to help those type of childeren who is well talented but he has no choice to get better education in their local place. We need support in this project to our volunteers as well as our member too.